Privacy tools

For more explanation of tools, see also the experts at Bits Of Freedom: 

Secure & easy to install tools for windows

Web Browser Addons – Free Recommendations

 Adblock Edge – Block advertisements and trackers across the web with filter subscriptions.

 Cryptocat – Encrypted instant messaging within your web browser.

 Disconnect – Visualize and block invisible tracking of your search and browsing history.

 HTTPS Everywhere – Encrypts your communications from thousands of websites by enforcing HTTPS everywhere.

 Mailvelope – OpenPGP email encryption tool for major webmail services.

 NoScript – Only enable JavaScript, Java, and Flash for sites you trust.

 Request Policy –  Control which cross-site requests are allowed by sites you visit.

Self-Destructing Cookies – Automatically delete cookies and local storage when no longer used.


Privacy Tools for Smartphones

   AVIRA:  Privacy Tool App – Free & Professional Paid Versions (Premium) available.

General description – AVIRA.

– For Workstation Security, Company Network Security, Internet Security.
– For Mobile Devices and Applications in Google/Android, Apple iOS, Windows, OS X Environments.
– Features & solutions available: firewalls, parental control, back-up facilities, game console.
– For detection for adware and spyware: Premium version is needed.
– Over 350 million users.  Developed by German Company.
– Website:

NoRoot Firewall:  Privacy Tool App For Android – Free – For Mobile Devices and Applications.
 – App based Authorization & Authentication – Levels between Access – NO Access – Limbo & Details monitoring.
–  No modifications in Root of  Android Operating Systems.

Privacy Tools for Open Source


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