A hackaton is a free contest in which teams of technical experts build pricewinning innovations, like our robot MARS.
Want to help us by participating in a cool hackaton? See here our cool plans and join us!
Eindhoven celebrates 1 hackaton during this summer and multiple hackatons during the Dutch Design Week (17-26 oktober):

Date Event Location
30 & 31 aug Science Hack Day Eindhoven in Gaslab TU/e
3 & 4 oct Spring14 Hackaton Eindhoven in Senaatzaal TU/e
17-18 oktober Hack Food Waste, with Agri Meets Design IGLUU
18-19 oktober Hack Digital Health, with Philips Design Philips Museum
24-25 oktober AgeHack presents: G/oud Stadhuis

Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2012 winners compilation from MADlabNL on Vimeo.