Off the cuff Arduino Workshop (30-11-2013)

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Off the cuff Arduino Workshop

Saturday 30 november 13:00-18:00

De Boemerang
Planetenlaan 1A
5632 DG Eindhoven

Streetview picture is wrong.
How to get there:

  • By Bus: Take line 4 to Heesterakker or Vaartbroek. Get of in the Venuslaan at busstop Saturnusweg. Then walk from there (Saturnusweg -> In the Mercuriuslaan to the right (cross it first) -> Second left: Planetenlaan -> After 200m on the right you are there.
  • By Bike: The Mercuriuslaan is being reconstructed but you can get trough.
  • By Car: The Mercuriuslaan is being reconstructed. The best way to get to the Planetenlaan is via the Airbornelaan / Mercuriuslaan or the Kosmoslaan / Poolsterlaan.

For whom
The workshop is for beginners and more experienced Arduino users.

The contribution is € 9,- See also: "We have moved" below

Number of participants
The maximum number of participants is 45. First come first served.
Please register via

What we provide
We provide the space, chairs, tables, electricity and a wireless internet connection. Because of safety wired Internet access can not be provided.
There is a bar where you can buy dinks and some candy.

Things to bring
You can make the most out of the workshop if you bring:

  • Your own Arduino ( a Arduino UNO is fine )
  • Your computer
  • USB A - B cable so you can connect your Arduino to the computer
  • The idea for the project you want to build and all the items you need to realize your projec.

If you do not have an Arduino we have a few, so probably not for everyone, Arduino UNO's which can be used.

You can buy your own Arduino at

We provide 30 kits (one per attendee) of 5 LEDs, 7 resistors, a potentiometer, 2 switches and a header with which you make a more challenging working Arduino project :-)
So at least everybody who has attended before november the 26th becomes kit.
If you have compontents, Arduinos, Arduino shields, solder iron, and other usefull hardware please bring it with you.

13:00 Door open and Welcome
13:30 Door closes, General Introduction. Introduction into Arduino
14:00 Demo basic Arduino application
14:10 Working with Arduino
15:00 Demo RFID key and display
15:10 Working with Arduino
16:00 Demo Temperature controlled PC fan's
16:10 Working with Arduino
17:00 Demo Teensy
17:10 Working with Arduino
17:30 Closing
18:00 Cleanup

People for the open demo's ( . . . ) have to be found at this moment.

We have moved
So far (15 nov 2013) 29 people have signed up. Not everybody form MADspace is on meetup so more people might be attending. With this number of attendees we can not use the space at the Achtseweg zuid 151. We have to move to an other location which has seats, tables, electricity and internet. We have moved to De Boemerang Planetenlaan 1A 5632 DG Eindhoven. This does cost some money so we have to ask for a contribution. The contribution is € 9,- We are not able to change from € 20,- 50,- or larger notes so make sure you have the apropriate notes with you. Thanks.

Participation is at your own risk and at your own expense.

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Subject to change
Although we try not change what we present, things might change. It's still an off the cuff workshop. You will be informed via this page if anything changes. Please check the updates and / or use Thanks.